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...Gladys Taber...

Gladys Taber spins wonderful yarns about country life. She tells her own story in a downhome style, sure to please the the reader who enjoys nature and real life stories. Most of her books are set in New England in her colonial farm house filled with pets...

"Amber a Very Personal Cat" "Book of Stillmeadow" "Country Chronicles" "Especially Father" "Especially Spaniels"
"First Book of Dogs" "Mrs. Daffodil" "My Own Cape Cod" "Nurse in Blue" "One Dozen and One"
"Letters of Inspiration" "Stillcove Journal" "Stillmeadow Calendar" "Stillmeadow Daybook" "Stillmeadow Album"
"Stillmeadow Seasons" "Stillmeadow Sampler" "Stillmeadow Road" "Spring Harvest" "Reveries"


The books listed above are the titles by Gladys Taber that we currently offer for sale. We buy and sell books on a regular basis- so if there is a title by her not listed that you are searching for, please feel free to add it to the request form and send it to us. We will then notify you once we acquire it. You are NEVER obligated to buy a requested book.